Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Letter to the Democratic National Committee

In the last few days leading up to the election this last fall I received e-mails from your committee and dozens of other officials of the Democratic Party. They were all pleading for donations to help turn the tide of the projected Republican victories. It was far too late. The Republicans and the tea party had already won the election weeks if not months earlier. You and the rest of the Democratic leadership gave it to them.

Every day on every major network, I watched a continuous parade of right wing Republicans spewing their outrageous propaganda as if it were legitimate and justifiable discourse. Every day I watched one Republican leader after another preach an agenda of hate, fear, dishonesty, and hypocrisy as if these were the only truths. During all this time I saw virtually no effective response from members of your committee or any other Democrats. During this time I saw only weak and pitiful attempts to defend President Obama’s agenda. An agenda that millions of middle and lower class Americans depend on, but Republicans are now in the process of destroying. Most of the time there was no response whatsoever. Even now as I watch the news on every major network this same parade of right wing propaganda and lack of effective response by the Democratic leadership continues.

Where was your collective expression of public outrage over the Republican’s stonewalling of every initiative that President Obama proposed, many of which the Republican party itself had previously embraced. Watching television each evening the only outrage that I saw was that expressed by the Republican leadership and its right wing surrogates over Obama’s “unconstitutional and socialistic” destruction of America. John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, and Sara Palin were in the news constantly, while the only news I ever heard about Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid was either attacks by the Republicans or negative comments from the media. This was all the media, not just Fox News.

Why was your lack of outrage and your feeble response all that could be heard when the Republican smear and fear campaign started shortly after the election of President Obama? Why was the Democratic Leadership so weak, and ineffective in responding to the lies and misinformation by a Republican Party responsible for the greatest recession since the great depression, that these same people were given control of the House of Representatives?

Where is your show of outrage at the disastrous initiatives that the Republican controlled House of Representatives is now in process of implementing? Each night on television I continue to see the same parade of right wing Republican extremists venting their self serving hate and fear propaganda with such intensity and passion that the American public is actually believing it. The fact of the matter is that the Republican Party is determined to destroy or render ineffective every progressive social and protective institution that has been enacted since Roosevelt. Where is the Democratic response?

It would be easy to say that that you and the rest of the Democratic Party deserved the dramatic losses that the party sustained in the last election. The real loss, however, is to the millions of people who depended on you to stand up to the daily onslaught of ludicrous propaganda proudly proclaiming the end of socialism and the successful implementation of the Republican agenda.

I am sending this same note to those democrats who continue their spineless response to the Republican onslaught because I’m certain that I’ll continue to receive their solicitations for additional money. I have no intention of doing so until you and the rest of the Democratic leadership obtains a spine and real determination to confront the right wing attack on America. It is a war on the middle class and the Republicans are winning it with ease.

J.E. Allen

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